I offer different translation solutions and services. This allows you to customize the service to meet your needs.

I am fast, detail-oriented, and absolutely professional and descreet. You can rely on punctual delivery, first-class translation and excellent service.

Standard Translation:

The standard translation process is applied in all general cases, i.e. the source text is delivered in one of the standard text formats (.doc, .rtf, .txt, .html, etc.). The process includes:

  • Top-quality translation: All efforts are made to ensure correct translation of any text. This includes the use of client-provided terminology and/or translation memory.
  • Formatting: The format of the translation will conform as closely as possible to the original format.
  • QA process: All translations are thoroughly proofread. Detailed feedback on typos, inconsistencies, etc. in the source text is provided.

Additional Services:

  • Summary (in written or oral form) of source text.
  • Creation of a standard text format: If the source text is a scanned text in an image file format, it can be converted into a standard text format.
  • Image editing: Text embedded in images is translated and image modified accordingly.
  • Creation of MultiTerm-compatible glossaries as used by TRADOS: Using powerful PERL tools, customer glossaries can be converted into the TRADOS format. All information such as comments and notes will be maintained.
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Proofreading

Machine Translation Solutions:

  • Machine Translation E <> G (using Power Translator Pro 6.4 or 7.0)
  • Pre-editing of text intended for MT
  • Post-editing of machine-translated texts
  • Creation of MT dictionaries with your terminology
  • Modification of Rule System to increase accuracy (Power Translator Pro 6.4)
  • Training and support

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